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Bringing (more) sustainability to cities: 5 golden rules

How are cities putting sustainable urban development into practice?

Here are 5 golden rules from URBACT’s City Lab.

The second URBACT City Lab took place in Brussels (BE) on 2nd and 3rd July 2019: “How are cities putting sustainable urban development into practice?” was the core question that drove us through general and specific considerations in the fields of Air Quality and Mobility, Energy Transition and Climate Adaptation and Sustainable Food Systems. When seeking to feed into the work of the updated Leipzig Charter, it appeared that on the one hand sustainability is still a complex paradigm to get into and embed for a city, but on the other, cities are leading the way in what can be done.

Here are 5 golden rules for cities to become sustainable.

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Lien entre dynamiques locales, résilience, et collaboration

En quoi les dynamiques locales contribuent-elles à la résilience de la ville (y compris en ce qui concerne leur impact environnemental) ?

Lorsque l’on s’intéresse à l’impact des dynamiques locales sur la résilience de ces entités, il est important de distinguer deux éléments : premièrement, la résilience est un concept qui s’applique à l’analyse des systèmes. La ville doit donc être comprise comme un système, un écosystème. Un tel écosystème des villes est composé de relations flux d’énergie, eaux et matières (Ecole de Chicago) mais aussi de toute une écologie urbaine, composée d’interactions urbanistiques, sociales, économiques, culturelles, … Ce sont ces écosystème que les perturbations des villes affectent. Continue reading

What is your “Sustainable city”? (at SPF Justice)

I recently led a workshop on “Sustainable city” at SPF Justice (the Federal Ministry of Justice in Belgium) as part of its “Day of Sustainable Development”. This workshop was a mixture of a lecture on the concepts and concrete examples relate to “sustainable city”; interaction and discussion; as well as a role game on “what sustainable city are you”.

The participants came up with their own understanding of this concept, and “sustainable city” to them in particular meant:

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