Key services

Bridging academia and policies
  • Research and analysis (theoretical, evidence-based, …)
  • Communicating to a wider audience (vulgarisation, adaptation to audience needs political, public and private, …)
  • Contribution to conferences
Building capacity and empowering
  • Fostering participation (through collective intelligence methods, use of communication and transparency, ICTs and social media, role game, visualisation, …)
  • Co-creation facilitation (design of methodologies, facilitation of events and momenta, experimentation, …)
  • Policy implementation (strategy development, design of policy guidelines, training on the ground, support for realisation, …)
  • Moderation of conferences workshops, webinars, meetings
Capitalising on existing experience
  • Facilitation of learning and exchange (engaging, following up)
  • Sharing and communicating on experiences (reports, case studies, webinars, …)
  • Evaluation of policies and programmes (developing analytical frameworks, indicators, data collection methodologies, …)
  • Technical assistance to EU and national programmes
Making the most of EU funds
  • Feasibility and opportunity studies on EU opportunities
  • Supporting EU funds applications
  • EU funds training and capacity-building