Portfolio_SDS_CAP SIURBACT II (2007-2013) is a European exchange programme promoting sustainable and integrated urban development in line with the objectives of the   Europe   2020   strategy.   It   enables European   cities   to   work   together   and   to   develop   effective   and   sustainable   solutions   to   major   key   urban challenges. Each project brings together 6 to 12 cities or other partners during two to three years and focuses on a specific urban issue.

SDS carried out a study looking through experiences from cities taking part in URBACT programme and outside, which are exemplary in developing and promoting the use of social innovation in their governance. The project in particular seeks to provide readily available concrete information to support other cities which wish to follow similar approaches. The project used various online tools and methods such as an online questionnaire, online chat sessions and a blog. It also developed offline methodologies such as presentations, keynotes, speeches, roundtables to world cafes, living exhibitions, co-construction in groups of two and three.

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Client/Partner: Strategic Design Scenarios

Funding authority: URBACT