COMPASS – Evidence and opportunities for responsible innovation in SMEs


Portfolio_H2020_COMPASSCOMPASS project aims to provide evidence for better uptake of RRI in industrial R&D&I in gathering gathering evidence from previous projects & bottom-up case studies. It seeks to foster cross-sector, multi-stakeholder collaboration in key innovation fields for improved RRI processes and outcomes via co-creation processes in three European regions/three innovation fields (nanotechs, biomedecine and cybersecurity) in the design of RRI visions, roadmaps, pilot testing. Finally the project is promoting responsible and sustainable R&D&I governance for improved performance and competitiveness in highly innovative businesses with the creation of a “One-stop shop” web portal, the design of teaching and training materials and a multiplier programme.

Marcelline is working with SDS which is in charge of developing the methodology for stakeholder’s co-creation of RRI roadmaps.

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Partner/Client: Strategic Design Scenarios

Partners: Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien – coordinator,  De Montfort University, University of Central Lancashire Cyprus (UCLan CY), La Caixa Banking Foundation (FBLC), European Business and Innovation Centre Network and Stichting B Lab Europe .

Funding authority: H2020