Conferences, workshops and webinars

URBACT Making Spend Matter Final Conference, Closing Session, 23 March 2021

Urban policies and climate change”, Green urban Actions,  Ipop, 22 October

Green Deal? Achieve it through procurement!, UAP on CE, 14 October, #EURegionsWeek

“European urban strategies  for sustainable food and urban agriculture: insights from URBACT networks and cities”, New City Habitat, City of Krakow, 25 September 2020

Addressing poverty via food solidarity, UrbanA, 23 June 2020

COOPERATIVE CITY IN QUARANTINE #2: Food, Eutropian, 2 April 2020

Urban Lunch Talk #6: From Project Partners to Synergy Soulmates, JPI Urban Europe, 27 September 2019

“Increasing Efficiency Along the Food Supply Chain: Households and Services” in Tackling Food Waste in the EU: Fostering Efficiency along the Supply Chain, Public Policy Exchange, 5 July 2018

Inspiring citizen-driven action for nature-based cities, EU Green week, ICLEI & PAN, 8 June 2018, Brussels

Politicians and employees of public administration are citizens like others…Hack Belgium, 4 May 2017 Brussels

How can the temporary use of vacant spaces support the retail sector in city centres? Learnings from the REFILL network, RetaiLink transnational meeting, Liberec, 7 February 2017

(Sustainable) food networks of knowledge and skills & co-sourcing in Brussels, SIC Launch session: Collaborative Economy & Social innovation, 26 September 2017, Brussels

Le rôle des paniers bio pour une transition vers une alimentation plus durable, 2ème Congrès Interdisciplinaire du Développement Durable, 21-22 mai 2015, Louvain la-Neuve (UCL), Belgique

City administrations’ adaptation to new governance models, in Lorek, S., Backhaus J. (Eds). 2015. ‘Beyond’ Transition? Understanding and Achieving Sustainable Consumption through Social Innovation. Proceedings of the SCORAI Europe Workshop held on the 17. November 2015, Vienna, Austria. Sustainable Consumption Transitions Series, Issue 5.