Learning and exchange is key in order to ensure that experience is capitalized and that adequate networking can take place.

This requires:

  • adapting methods and tools to various levels of understanding, knowledge and experience that can be found in the given grouping of stakeholders
  • identifying the adequate level of language and understanding of local contexts, as well as an ethic and sensitivity to partner dynamics and cultural differences. This is particularly the case for transnational partnerships
  • leadership, mediation, conflict management, empowering/encouraging unconfident or inactive partners
  • creating the right atmosphere for a lively exchange and focused discussion
  • sometimes combining online and offline interactions

Resilia Solutions proposes support throughout the whole process:

  • designing and mobilisation of adequate methodology and tools to support the verbalization and documentation of knowledge and practice from participants to enable comparison, exchange, peer review;
  • engagement of stakeholders, mobilize stakeholders to use learning tools;
  • facilitation of activities aimed at facilitating peer learning and effective working relationships not only through physical meetings, seminars, workshops, roundtables, conferences but also at a distance, in between meetings (using webinars, social media, online surveys, etc.);
  • outcomes: capture learning for participants to take away, concise reports that incorporate good practices and policy messages; and,
  • follow-up: concise reports, conclusions, recommendations and next steps.