Portfolio_URBACT_BiocanteensMouans-Sartoux is a city of 10,000 inhabitants located on the French Riviera. Since 1998, the city has been connecting food, health and environmental issues. To overcome the lack of a local organic food offer, a municipal farm was created and two farmers hired to grow vegetables for school canteens, thus meeting 85% of the needs of the three local schools (1,000 meals per day). Public procurement rules were changed so that local producers could answer calls for bids. Since then, the city has been serving daily meals in its schools that are 100% local and organic. Developing this approach, Mouans-Sartoux is now working on local agri-food systems and education to extend the initiative.

The BIOCANTEENS network aims at transferring the practice of Mouans-Sartoux to that of 6 other European cities.

Partner: SDS

City Partners: Mouans-Sartoux (FR) – Lead Partner, Condruses (BE), Rosignano Maritimo (IT), Torres Vedras (PT), Trikala (EL), Troyan (BG), Vaslui (RO).

Funding authority: URBACT