14/02/2024 Lady Mayoress’ Coffee Morning – speech

Pic: Brian Lougheed

Dear guests,

Dear volunteers,

Dear performers,

Dear donors and sponsors,

Dear municipal staff,

Dear family,

Dear friends

Dearest  Lord Mayor,

5 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with a cancer. After a second wave of chemotherapy, it became clear she could not cope with the pain at home anymore. We had done not our best to ease her pain, to be the best possible support, but we had also reached out limits. She asked to be transferred to a palliative care centre.

As soon as we arrived there, our lives changed drastically, she was taken care of: she received the most professional support that she could hope for. Even though she was already gone by this moment, her last days were made easier, smoother, less painful. As for us, we could eventually let it go, focus on accompanying on her last journey, and start our grieving process.

Our mother passed away in a palliative care centre Paris.  But I know that Marymount University Hospital and Hospice provides similar services. They provide physical, psychological, emotional, religious and spiritual support, all this in a welcoming atmosphere. Both for patients and their families.

Such support does not prevent this inevitable. Yet, it does help patients and their families, to ease the process, make it more human, and to better prepare for the after.

That is why such an organisation is crucial I all our lives, in the lives of Corkonians. And why today’s coffee morning is in aid of Marymount University Hospital and Hospice. Today, we celebrate life and love – after all it is Valentine’s day today! We are celebrating the togetherness close to the Lord Mayor’s heart, and will be donating to Marymount.

You will be treated with tea, coffee and wonderful cakes, biscuits, cookies: donated by generous sponsors. In particular, I would like to thank An Excellent Choice, Bewley’s, and Watkins Catering, who have supported this coffee morning for years and are its anchor!

Let me also share with you the list of other sponsors that are contributing to this event today:

  • An Excellent Choice
  • Barry’s Tea
  • Britvic Ireland
  • BWG Foods
  • Café Marius
  • Cameron Bakery
  • Cork International Hotel
  • Crawford & Co
  • Farmgate Café
  • G & S Foods Limited t/a Old Mill Confectionery
  • Hassett’s Bakery
  • Imperial Hotel
  • Leonidas Chocolates
  • Musgraves MarketPlace
  • Off Beat Donuts
  • Roughty Foodie
  • Tirlán (formerly Glambia)
  • The Alternative Bread Company
  • The Book Shelf (elysian)

I would also like to thank warmly the staff, who have actually implemented this event and without whom we would not be here today and in particular: Nuala, Pat and Barry. Thank you so much!

Thank you also so much to all the volunteers who enable you to drink and eat, and more than anything else, donate for Marymount!

You are going to be entertained artists and performers who are giving their time to support this charity. I would like to thank them in advance and also introduce you to them and your programme for this morning: A psychological magician, Daniel Cremin, and a professional juggler, Captain Cormac. Two choirs will join us as well, the Voices of Cork Community Choir and Kalyna, a Ukrainian Community Choir.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the Lord Mayor for having embarked me on this mayoralty journey and for having agreed to be preforming with you me this morning, to entertain you!

I would like to welcome you all again, I hope you will have a great morning, and do not forget to donate for Marymount!